Available Projects

We restore yachts, if necessary and as already done several times from the keel up, and build yachts that were lost, as replicas according to the original plans. This is your chance to own a unique and historically significant yacht.


VISION 8mR Yacht, Camper & Nicholson

Vision, the last launched of the three sister ship, has been ordered by the Royal Canadian Yacht Club to sail at the Canada's Cup, the most important 8mR race in North America...


SINTRA - 108' A&R Wishbone-Ketch Project

The beautiful classic sailing yacht SINTRA was launched in 1959, at the legendary German shipyard of Abeking & Rasmussen...


Robbe & Berking 9-metre Commuter

New build

Our fast and elegant commuter-yacht, inspired by the legendary yachts of the 1930s, extremely versatile and built for you to your individual specification in a small production run.


6mR Risken


One of the successful 6-metre yachts designed by Bjarne Aas, this example dates from 1946. A time when Aas was internationally considered to be the “Master of the Sixes”!


12mR Gretel


She thoroughly scared the Americans in 1962, nearly winning the America’s Cup!


20-metre Commuter Yacht

New build

The true stuff! A proper Gentleman’s yacht with style and panache, a head-turner if ever there was one. Classic profile but contemporary engines and technology.


150 square metre Skerry Cruiser


A superb, very large Skerry Cruiser, easy to sail and quick as lightning. One of only a handful ever built.




Sail like the Kaiser! The most famous of all Big Class Racing Cutters was built in 1866 and later sold to Kaiser Wilhelm II and so became the first racing yacht of “Billy II”.




Revolutionary! In the year of her launching, around 1894, she was the world’s first yacht with external lead ballast. And accordingly fast.




Quite simply the most fascinating of all of the remarkable 15-metre yachts. Designed and built by Charles Nicholson in 1912, incorporating a host of ground breaking ideas.

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