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We love classic yachts. This is why we restore them, if possible, or build them new. Using historic or newly designed plans. In the traditional way or with modern methods and technology – but always from wood and by hand. In this way, we have already saved several famous racing yachts of the metre-classes, which have been completely restored or newly built. One of our core challenges is the research of historic yachts that have been lost and their original building plans. At the same time, we also build newly designed boats – cruising yachts, racing yachts, motorboats, tenders, and dinghies.

1939 "JENETTA" 12mR Yacht, Alfred Mylne Design No 395,
Restoration Project by Robbe & Berking Classics

Design:Alfred Mylne Design No 395
Builder:Bute Slip Dock Co., Ltd.
First Owner:Sir William P. Burton

JENETTA is another spectacular project at Robbe & Berking Classics. We are restoring the 3rd rule 12 Metre class yacht JENETTA, designed by Alfred Mylne, who was one of the most experienced 12 Metre designers in the world. Mylne designed her in 1939 for Sir William Burton and she was the 4th and last 12 Metre for Burton who was the best English gentleman sailor in the 1920s and president of the I.Y.R.U. at that time, being the helmsman of Shamrock IV in the 1920 Americas Cup for his friend and business partner Sir Thomas Lipton. In 1939 not less than four new Twelves entered the English regatta scene, with JENETTA being the most promising construction besides of T.O.M. Sopwith´s TOMAHAWK. During the 1939 races JENETTA was the only boat being capable of beating Vanderbilt`s 1939 S&S construction VIM by 2 seconds on a 27nm race. VIM´s dominance on the track back then is sad to be based on Vanderbilt´s exceptional sailing abilities and the fact that VIM was hard to beat on the upwind leg due to the grinder/ winch setup which enabled the crew to tack rather quickly.
During the upcoming season Jenetta will once more proof her potential as soon as she has been launched in spring to participate in the 12mR circuit in the Baltic Sea and to continue the race history of those good old days.


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"Baruna" 72'
Yawl, Olin Stephens Design No.222

'Baruna' was built to the maximum size under the CCA rule and launched in 1938 commissioned by Henry C. Tayler. She won first overall in the 1938 Bermuda Race with a lead of eight hours , setting the long standing Race record. She did so again in 1948 against a much more modern fleet and was described by many as the "Queen of the CCA fleet". To equip her with winches the Barient Winch Company was found with "Baruna" lending the "Bar" to the company´s name. Towards the end of his life , Olin Stephens called her "one of my prettiest". That says it all. Another grand beauty and sailing piece of yachting heritage going to be restored at Robbe & Berking Classics.


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"ANKER 434"

Johan Ankers ultimate masterpiece the 12 Metre Class design No. 434 In the world of classical boat enthusiast Johan Anker (1871 - 1940) is known as a master of elegant ship lines. Johan Anker achieved an outstanding reputation in his period of activity not only as designer and builder of many successful yachts but also as successful sailor. Amongst others he was the initiator of the legendary conference held in London 1906 where the major sailing countries agreed on the International Rule of Measurement for Rating as the first international handicapping system. At the age of 68 Johan Anker created his latest 12 Metre Class design in 1939 before he passed away in the following year. Due to the outbreak of war his design No. 434 was never built. Robbe & Berking Classics retrieved the complete set of drawings and is pleased to build this remarkable 12 Metre Class design on behalf of a Scandinavian owner committed to Metre Class sailing.

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„NIRVANA“, designed by Olin Stephens, was built by Abeking & Rasmussen 1939 and sailed under German flag holding sail number G-40. The yacht was completely destroyed in a major fire at Bootswerft Michelsen in Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance, in 1959. Robbe & Berking Classics retrieved the complete set of drawings and is pleased to build this very competitive 6 Metre Class design on behalf of a Scandinavian owner committed to Metre Class sailing.

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Robbe und Berking "9m COMMUTER"

In the style of the American commuters of the late 1920s we are building the first model of an elegant 9m Robbe & Berking "COMMUTER".

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"50 ft. yacht built according to a design from Georg Nissen"

The German Georg Nissen ( ) is one of the most popular and successful yacht designers.For a German syndicate Robbe & Berking Classics builds a cruising yacht of 15 metres .A very fast and at the same time comfortable yacht , being built in the most modern vacuum technique cold molded. She will be launched in 2013.

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Robbe & Berking Classics organises the 6 Metre World Championship in co-operation with the Flensburger Segel Club in 2013. Therefore two 6 Metre Designs are currently under construction at our yard. “APACHE” was designed and built by Bjarne Aas in Fredrikstad, Norway, 1939. This 6 Metre design was formerly named “ISELIN” and does not exist any more. “APACHE” was lost in the US in the 1960’s

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Everyone starts somewhere, and so the first completed new construction is a rowboat, too. Built of mahogany, with clinker and 4.30m long. Both for families with many children and for a boat trip in pairs. One rows, one adjusts the course.

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