From 2009 we are offering 1,800qm frost-protected and partly heatable storage space for yachts. The height of our big hall and the size of the door enable us to store big yachts.

Contact: classics(at)

Dry Storage
54,00 €/m2 including Storage of Mast
(LOA+0,5m) x (B+0,5m)

Cradle fees per season
incl. VAT
up to 6 tons
300,00 €
up to 15 tons
450,00 €
up to 35 tons
600,00 €

Summer anchorage

Our bridge situated in Flensburg's well-protected industrial harbour of 6m depth offers berths for up to 40m yachts. At close range the "Flensburg Yacht Service" is located. Sail maker "Beilken" has a shop on our premises. Also the Flensburg city centre with its shops and restaurants is within walking distance.

Contact: classics(at)
Docking fees per season
incl. VAT
up to 14m
714,00 €
up to 22 m
1428,00 €
up to 40 m
2142,00 €


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